4 things to look before buying new printers

4 things to look before buying new printers

Having an office without papers would definitely be a great thing, but in today world we still have to print some documents or work. This is why having a printer can be very useful in those situations. The thing is that for a lot of businesses, all printers look the same. This is way in a lot of cases the business simply buy the cheapest printer just to have the job done. for some businesses this can work but for others it can be very frustrating and complicated. The main reason of this is that not all printers are the same and not all printers can do the same amount of work. In this article we will talk about the most important thing to check before buying a new printer. 

Your office size

When choosing a printer, the first thing that you should do is identify your office size and how many people will use the printer. Indeed, the more people are present in the office the more the printer will have to be powerful and will have to be able to handle many users. The same thing if you are alone in your office you will maybe consider getting a more basic printer with less options.

Type of paper

Another thing when you decide to buy a printer is deciding on what type of paper you want to print. In other words if for example you plan to print on photo paper or card stocks you will not use the same printer as someone who is printing on regular paper. Also, you have to take in consideration the size of the paper that you will use since this will also have an effect on the printer that you will have to choose. 

The printed volume

Another aspect that will have to be studied is the printing capacity and printing speed. Indeed, if you're having a massive amount of people at the office and you need then you may consider a printer that is able to print faster. If not you will be very frustrated to always have to wait in line to use the printer. 


When you want to print, it's important that you decide if you want to be able to do it directly from your phone or having to plug cables. But, choosing to go with a wi-fi printer will be more expensive but in the end it's also way more practical. 

There are many other things that would be important to take in consideration but for us those are the four important points that will help you choose the right printer. If you have any questions or you are planning to buy this product for your business don't hesitate to contact us to receive a quoation.