How machine learning affect our lives and the futur of businesses

How machine learning affect our lives and the futur of businesses

In today world, everything became very automatic. Indeed, sometimes we even think that the machine will become more intelligent than people. Artificial intelligence or machine learning is already impacting our society in all possible industries. But, what is it ? Well machine learning is a technology made possible by the internet and by all the data that is available online. For the the majority of people, machine learning is simply the creation of a human like intelligence. But, it's not only this, machine learning is present in a lot of other places in our lives without us even noticing it. For example, when you are browsing on your computer a lot of websites will keep information about your browsing. For example, the time spent on websites the most visited and many others. This will automatically help with the improvement of the website. Indeed, machine learning is simply a way to use huge data efficiently to provide solutions to complex problems.

Some places where machine learning is used:

Intelligent gaming: One way that machine learning can affect our lives will be throught intelligent gaming. We can for example think of AlphaGo a computer designed by google DeepMind to defeat the best player (Lee Sedol) at this game. 

Self driving cars: Those vehicles are a proof of the existence of machine learning in our everyday life. Indeed, this technology is starting to be more and more present in our lives. Even if this technology is not yet present on the road like classic cars, it's slowly coming in the market. This type of cars have computers and sensors everywhere and is able to adapt to any type of driving conditions.

Dangerous jobs: One thing that can be outsourced is for example all the dangerous jobs that exist. We can for example think of mine detectors or future drones that will not only have no pilot but also be be able to do the rsiky job by themselves. 

Health care: One of the main applications of machine learning is in the health care sector. Indeed, this type of technology will be very useful for doctors to find way faster the deceases of everyone who is coming. 

Machine learning can also be very useful in the automation of many tasks. This could be for example a robot that is cleaning our home. It also can be very useful in the business world since the data that is collected could be used in a way to help businesses to optimize there sales or simply to reduce there costs. All this can be done through machine learning. Of course until now it's not that popular but in the next years this could become a revolution.