Microsoft Azure what is it and how it can help your business

Microsoft Azure what is it and how it can help your business

Microsoft Azure or windows Azure is a cloud computing service offered by Microsoft. Right now, this service is competing against similar services of Google and Amazon. The main goal of Microsoft azure is to be the leader in the cloud computing industry. 

What is cloud computing:

We can say that cloud computing is simply the delivery of computing services. In other words, thoses services can include servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics and intelligence. Theses services can benefit both small and large businesses in any activity sector.

What are the benefits of cloud computing compared to traditional services :

One of the benefits of cloud computing is the elimination of all the capital expenses used for buying different physical hardwares, the cost of running thoses hardwares, the salaries for the experts used to configurate all the systems all the infrastructure and many other expenses linked to having physical products instead of using the cloud.

The second benefit of cloud computing is the speed that it offers. Indeed, using Microsoft Azure will give you access to many on demand services so you will be able to work anywhere on any type of computer and run any type of applications (even the biggest ones) for a fraction of the cost. 

Using Microsoft Azure will give you access to a service that can scale globally. In other words, it gives the ability to any business to have right amount of IT resources for a fraction of the cost and without have to buy the physical products (servers, more efficient computers, or any other) 

 Microsoft cloud computing services will give any business access to a worldwide network of secure data centers. Thoses centers are always kept up to date what offers several benefits over a corporate data center and gives greater economies of scale.

Using a cloud service will contribute to increase the productivity of the IT department of any business. Indeed, having a on site data center requires a lot of maintenance and can be the source of a lot of technical problems. By having a cloud computing service, the IT department can focus on more important tasks. 

Finally, Microsoft Azure offers a reliable and a secure service. In other words, it reduces the cost of disaster recovery and business continuity. Also, this cloud computing service offers a set of different policies, technologies and controls that helps the protection of your data against all threats. 

What are all the types of cloud computing

There is three types of cloud services the first one is a public cloud service. It offers computing services that are mainly servers, storage, and many others all over the internet. With this service all the infrastructure is owned bay the service provider. Microsoft Azure is an example of a public cloud service provider. 

Private cloud, in this case all the services are used only by one business. The data centers of the cloud service can be located on site in the company or hosted by other cloud service providers. 

The Hybrid cloud is the last type of cloud computing service. It's simply a combination of a public and a private cloud service. This type of service can give a business a greater flexibility, more deployment options and finally help any business optimize there existing infrastructure.  

As we can see having a computing cloud based service in any business has many advantages over having physical products. Also, When the service is provided by a world class business like microsoft we can expect that the product will have a very high quality. Finally, if you have any questions about this product or you would like to implement it in your business, don't hesitate to contact us.