Online storage, synchronization and personal sharing of files

Online storage, synchronization and personal sharing of files

OneDrive for Business provides a simple and secure location where employees can store, synchronize and share their work files. The main features include:

1 TB Secure Online Storage. Store, save and share all your valuable work files. Easily edit files in the browser with Office Online or open them directly in the rich Office desktop applications.

Accessible on all devices. Documents can be accessed from any device via a supported browser or by using native applications on Windows 7-8.1, Windows RT, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices.

Simplified sharing with everyone. This private default feature allows you to securely share your files with others inside and outside the organization. Easily manage who can view or edit.

Collaborate in real time. Work on your documents with others at the same time by using Office Online or classic Office applications. Track changes and see previous versions.

Available Offline Files. They can be synchronized offline and available without an Internet connection. Your offline changes will be synced automatically when you next.

Simple to learn and use. Seamless integration with Office and Windows. Save your documents directly in the cloud from Office desktop applications. Move, rename and delete files directly in.

…with the ease of management, you need and the security you can trust.

OneDrive Enterprise is run in data centers across multiple locations with continuous data backup. It has the best disaster recovery capabilities and is monitored 24 hours a day by a team of security experts.

Protect your critical business information. Cloud-saved files are not lost when local hard drives fail or steal, or if an employee leaves the company with the computer and files with him.

Manage access with ease. OneDrive for Business provides detailed control of capabilities such as external sharing, offline synchronization, and access permissions. Administrators can generate standard and personal audit reports.

 Supported by Microsoft. To file your files using the market leading professional software that has proven its efficiency and reliability. Microsoft offers 24/7 phone support and 99.9% uptime with financial guarantee.

Unmatched Service Compliance. In Office 365, OneDrive Enterprise is compatible with global standards, including ISO 27001, HIPAA BAA, and FISMA certifications, as well as standard EU contract terms. In addition, an audit is performed by third party auditors.

OneDrive for Business is available in all Office 365 suite offers. For any questions about this product do not hesitate to contact us.