What is Microsoft office 365 for business

What is Microsoft office 365 for business

In today world, we can find plenty of apps designed to help businesses work in a more efficient way. Some of them are free and other are paid but all those programs have the same goal of organizing and simplifying the work of businesses. This is exactly what Microsoft office 365 is doing. Indeed, this program is an integrated experience of apps and services. In other words, by choosing Microsoft office 365, you have acces to different application that will help your business grow.

What comes in office 365 Pro: 

Outlook: Is an application that serve as a messaging service. Indeed, it main functions are sending and receiving e-mails. Also it gives you acces to different types of calendars, task management and many other things.

OneDrive: This is the storage service of Microsoft, it gives you the ability to store your work directly on the cloud and continue working anywhere you are and on any computer.

Word: This program is mainly used to create written documents such as letters, high quality works and many other things associated with writing. Microsoft Word gives you acces to many features such as the ability to generate cover pages or transform any text into a professional work. 

Excel: It's an application used for spreadsheet creation. With Microsoft excel, you will be able to make advanced calculations, create different types of grids with numbers, text or any other. You also have access to more advanced feature that will give you the ability to create management apps directly on excel, of course you will need to have a good knowledge of the app.

Power point: This app is used to prepare professional presentations. Just like the other apps, it gives you access to different features that will give the ability to make quality work in less time.

Many other apps: By using Microsoft office 365 in your business, you will have access to many other apps like access and services like teams, Share point and others.

If you are a business owner, you are looking to create more efficiency at your working place, have a more organised structure and a faster access to information Microsoft office 365 is a must have. If you have any questions about this product or you are interested to implement it in your own business you can contact us directly.