The difference between a MAC and a PC computer

The difference between a MAC and a PC computer

In the world of computers, the debate MAC vs PC is still a Topic on fire. Both computers are build by trusted brand that have a big reputation in the markets. This means that there is no wrong choice and both of the brands are great. Of course, Mac and Pc have their strenghts and weaknesses in different areas and this comparing the two brands will be the goal of this article. 

When comparing both of the computers, we can see that apple is considerate more a computer for people who want to design or do more creative work. PC computers are more for day to day work and usually people use them only for browsing on the web and for the Microsoft office. Indeed, because of it higher price the MAC is considerate more of a luxury and high end product but in the end both the PC and the MAC are the same from a quality point of view. 

If we now talk about the security of those computers, we can think that the MAC is more secure since we don'r hear a lot of security breaches that have been performed on this type of computer. But, we should not forget that the majority of all the computers in the world are PCs. This means that hackers will be definitely more interested to develop malware and viruses specially for this type of computers because of their potential of performing more attacks. 

Now if we talk about the prices, the MAC has definitely higher prices compared to a PC with the same specs. Indeed, it is possible to find descent PCs at a price ranging from 600$ to 800$ but if you decide to go with a MAC the cheapest products are higher than 1500 $. Also, the PC offers you the capacity to completely redesign your computer and changing internal components such as the graphic card the CPU, the storage and many other things. This should be taken into consideration since the MAC don't offer this flexibility on there products. 

Finaly, if you are looking for a gaming computer, definitely the product for you will be a PC. Indeed, those computers can now stream games fro playstation 4 and Xbox one. Also, it's possible to find on the market PCs that are completely designed for gaming thing that is not possible on a MAC. To finish, it's hard to choose between both of the products because as we said in the beginning it all depends of you are planning to do with it. 

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