The importance of cyber security

The importance of cyber security

It's very simple to think for every small business that they are not at risk of a cyber attack because of there small size. But, if we look a statistics, we can see that the majority of attacks happens on businesses of less than 100 employees. This means that those companies are the principal target of cyber criminals. 

As the main goal of cyber attacks is the gains access over some valuable data like credit card numbers, clients personal data or any other information. Usually, cyber criminals find it easier to attack small businesses because they use automated attacks and can reach a considerable amount of companies at the same time making the quantity of information less an issue.

In this article, we will discuss 4 of the best practices to adopt that can prevent from having a cyber security breach inside the business.

The first thing that we can suggest to any business is using a firewall. Indeed, this is one of the first lines of defense for every business. It provides a barrier protection between the business data and the cyber criminals. 

The second thing, will be a regular back up of all data. Having a back up of all your business data on the cloud or an internal server will prevent against ransomware or any data loss. If any secutity breach happens, it will be easier for the business to not run out of activity and simply reset all the systems. 

Then, the use of an anti-malware software is also very recommended. This will prevent against the installation of malwares in case of the opening of a phishing e-mail. By an employee. In case of an absence of a malware software, the criminals who installed a malware on a computer could easily have access to all the other computers connected to that same network. 

The final practice will be to educate the employees of the firm to different ways of reducing the risk of making a security breach. Indeed, it's possible to have all the best security softwares, if the employees are making actions that can lead to cyber security problems the business will still be at risk of having cyber attacks. 

If you are looking to increase the cyber security of your firm or to put in place a cyber security program you can contact us to take advantage of our offers.