WebEx Meeting Center

WebEx Meeting Center

With an Internet connection, you can work with teams around the world. The WebEx solution allows you to do business more efficiently by eliminating emails, time and travel expenses.

• A WebEx Meeting Center can accommodate up to 25 participants per meeting.

• Easily creates dynamic and compelling multimedia presentations that integrate live audio, video and data.

• Use powerful techniques such as animations and Adobe® Flash to deliver the true presentation experience.

• Presenters and participants can annotate and make notes on documents as on a whiteboard.

• can save all your events and make them available for replay and review. Several options are available, such as the obligation to register destination URLs and / or post meeting surveys.

• Mobility: you can attend a WebEx meeting from your smartphone such as iPhone, BlackBerry and many others.

• Multiplatform

Let your prospects join your meeting on the platform of their choice: Windows, Mac, Linux and UNIX.