What is 5G technology and how it can benefit the world

What is 5G technology and how it can benefit the world

The mobile network has always been something that is very important in the 21st century. Indeed, the technology is in everybody life now days and it's always interesting to see how it grows. When we talk about mobile network, we can think about 4 or 5G but what exactly those words mean. Well, 5g is simply the fifth generation of mobile networks. In other words it's simply a new global standard for mobile networks. This new technology is designed to connect everything together in a way higher speed than it used to be. This technology comes with multiple advantages such as a higher user experience, an ultra low latency, a massive network capacity a way higher downloading speed and many other things. 

What is the difference between 4G and 5G

As mentioned above, the 5G is the new and latest generation of network technology. The first and most important difference between the two generations is the download speed of the 5G. Indeed, the 5G network is nearly 30 to 40 times faster than the 4g. In other words, by the time you download one movie on Netflix on the 4G you will be able to download around 35 movies on the 5G. This will make everything way more accessible and in most industries from health care to education and gaming.

The benefits of the 5G 

Beside of increasing the download speed, the 5G network has the power to considerably improve the connection losses what can sometimes be a major problem principally in big cities. But, not only the 5G offers high speed and low latency, it also has the power to enhance mobile broadband, massive IOT as well as providing capabilities for mission critical services.

Is the 5G available right now

In 2020 we are at the beginning of the 5G network life. For the moment it's available in only 20 countries and even in those, it's not everywhere yet. But, this new technology is slowly coming in our lives and should be every where in the following years.