What is SEO

What is SEO

SEO is a set of practices that have the bus to improve the positioning and visibility of sites in pages of search engine results.

A good positioning on the search engines is essential since it allows to considerably increase the traffic on a website by giving the possibility to the Net surfers to reach a site without knowing its address.

There are two SEO strategies: natural and paid.

Natural referencing

Natural Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of website optimization techniques for search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. These techniques aim to improve a site by focusing on the users, since to please the net surfers often as a consequence to please the search engines.

The important points of SEO:

• Choose relevant keywords related to your business area

• Create unique and relevant page titles

• Improve the structure of your URLs

• Improve the site architecture and structure of internal links

• Offer quality content and optimize the use of images • Set up your mobile sites: a responsive website

• Use the robots.txt file effectively

• Sitemap

• Promote the site by posting messages on blogs and in social networks.

• Promote your site in Google Maps by adding your company to Google Places.

Paid referencing

Paid search or SEA (Search Engine Advertising) allows positioning a website in the first results of search engines using the links sponsored by the purchase ticket of keywords from search engines. This is a quick way to bring up a website at the top of the results pages for the campaign period.

This method will not improve the ranking of the website in the natural results, but it can become a complementary strategy.