Renting laptops Vs renting desktops

Renting laptops Vs renting desktops

If you are having an event or you are planning to make a public class and you are planning to rent computers it's important to make the right choice between laptop and desktops. Indeed, both of those computers have their pro and there cons and choosing the right one will really depend of your needs.

Physical security

If we think about physical security this means if someone can steal the computer that has been installed. For a laptop, it's a lot more easier for someone to steal it. Indeed, since it's smaller it can easily be hide or stolen. For a desktop it's different, it's a lot harder to steal it. Simply because it's bigger so it's harder to take it away.


A huge advantage of the laptop is that it's portable and can be moved everywhere. This is definitely not the case for desktops. Indeed, if you are renting desktops you can't really move them. As mentioned, if you are planning that your employees will move a lot, it's better to go with laptops if not the desktop is the best option. 


If you need a powerful computer, choosing a desktop is the best choice. Also, the new types of processors are always available on desktops first. Of course it's possible to have an equally powerful processor on a laptop but the price will be far more higher. This is why for this category the desktop is better. 

Screen size: 

Usually Desktops have bigger screens, it could be higher than this because the display is separated from the desktop. But, it's also possible to connect laptops to external displays or even TVs. This is why there is no much difference between both of the computers. 


If the computers are used for a gaming competition, the desktop can use high powered video cards and other add ons that can easily be installed on demand.  For a laptop it's a bit different since the space in it is very limited. Indeed, this space limitation can limit the graphic capabilities. Beside of the graphic card, the space limitation in the laptop can also limit the power of other components. 

To finish, choosing to rent a laptop or a desktop depends really on the reason that you need to rent it. If you are planning an event or some long term rentals, don't hesitate to contact us for a quotation.