The differnce between a chrome book and a laptop

The differnce between a chrome book and a laptop

Finding the right laptop can sometimes be very hard with all the choice that is given to us especially when we have a limited budget. Also, when we are looking for a laptop, we can find Chromebooks that are less expensive than regular computers but are those as good as regular laptop ? This is what we will try to find out in this review. 

In general, a chrome book is a great performance for a low cost product, it has a low storage so it will be important to use a web service storage such as one drive and it will only run software that are designed for the google chrome browser. For the other laptops, the price is a a lot higher but it gives access to far more features. Also, it gives access to different variety of apps that are not present on a Chromebook. 

Price comparison: Usually, for a Chromebook the price will range between 250 and 500 but some very high end products such as the Google pixelbook will cost way more. If we decide a laptop, the entry level Microsoft models will be in the same price range as a Chromebook but if you decide to go with a macbook an entry level macbook will be way more expensive than a Chromebook.

Performance: What gives the Chromebook the capacity to compete against other computers is the internet. Indeed, this type of laptop is very internet focused. This means that this product doesn't need a huge hard drive to be able to run perfectly. Of course, other laptops will outperform the Chromebook based on their processing power but the price range of those computers is definitely higher.  

Storage capacity: If we talk about storage capacity, we can definitely say that other laptops have more storage. But, as the Chromebook is powered by the internet, it's possible to use services like onedrive to get access to online storage space. This way, it still can be a good to compete against other laptops. Also, chrome application take less storage space than windows or OS apps. 

Finally, Everything will depend of your needs. Indeed, if you need to use some specific apps or you need advanced features it will be better to use a laptop. But, if you simply want to have access to the internet, it can be possible by simply using a ChromeBook. If you are planning to get a new laptop or chrome book for you or your business you can take a look a our product section or contact us for more choices of product.